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Bomi Jewelers has been providing trusted jewelry repair services in Buffalo, NY since 1935. Our professionally trained jeweler and staff can assist you with all your precious jewelry maintenance and repairs. Visit our showroom today for a FREE quote. You can also call or text us anytime with questions and inquiries at 716-839-4300.

About Jewelry Repairs

Your jewelry is made up of precious metals and natural gemstones. Whether in platinum, gold, colored stone, or diamond, all jewelry will experience normal wear and tear over time. Bringing in your jewelry for regular maintenance inspections and cleaning will help prevent stone loss and avoid forseeable problems. 

Services Provided

Bomi Jewelers provides the following jewelry services:
          -Ring Sizing
          -Rhodium Plating and Refinishing
          -Head Replacement
          -Prong Re-tipping
          -Prong Tightening
          -Chain and Bracelet Repair
          -Jewelry Restoration
          -Shank Replacement
          -Stone Replacement
          -Pearl Restringing
          -Custom Jewelry Design
* Jewelry inspections and cleaning are always welcomed and are free of charge for all jewelry whether or not it has been purchased from Bomi!*

Explanation of Services

Ring Sizing: Making sure your ring fits properly is important, and aids in protecting your jewelry from preventable damage. We will help you find the proper ring size and adjust your silver, gold or platinum ring accordingly. We also provide sizing beads and bars to help reduce the spinning of rings. Please note: Eternity rings and alternative metals cannot be sized. 
A ring is cut in our shop during the repair process  Our jeweler prepares to add gold while sizing a ring  Gold is added to a ring during sizing
Rhodium Plating: "Dipping," as it is commonly called, is a service that is required for all white gold jewelry at some point in time. White gold is an alloy of pure yellow gold, so naturally it will have a yellow tinge. The rhodium plating process places a bright white finish on white gold jewelry, eliminating the yellow tinge. Over time, this process needs to be re-done to maintain a bright white finish. 
A band before and after the refinishing and rhodium process

Head Replacement
: The "head" of a ring is the prongs and base that hold your center stone in place. Maintenance of this piece is essential to securing your stone and avoiding loss. Over time, your head can experience wear, shifting, bending and even breakage. This causes your stone to become loose and susceptible to loss. In the event of worn or broken prongs, the full head piece is replaced and the stone is re-set. This is a necessary service to ensure the safety of your stone, and may be required every 5-10 years, depending on wear.

Shanks: A shank is the main band or "back" of a ring. After a ring has been worn for years, this metal will start to wear down. When your ring becomes thin enough where the shank can break, or has broken already, you will need to have a brand new shank put on your ring. Our jeweler will remove the bottom portion of the worn shank and replace it with a new, thicker piece of gold. 
Shank Replacement Jewelry Repair    after shank repair

Prong Tightening and Re-Tipping
: In the event that your prongs have moved slightly due to normal wear, our jeweler will go in and securely tighten them so your stone is not at any risk. This is usually possible with newer rings with minimal wear. However, over time, the prongs on well-loved rings can wear thin and may need re-tipping. Things such as snagging or feeling sharp are signs that it is time to have your prongs checked. Typically, prongs need to be re-tipped after 7 to 10 years. Our jeweler will add new metal to the prongs, bringing them to a like-new condition and ensuring your stones are protected and secure. 

Chain Repair: Some of the most common reasons for chain repair include replacing a broken clasp, soldering a break, length adjustment and fixing a link. Our jeweler will fix the chain so that you will not notice the original break upon completion. 

Bracelet Repair: Some of the most common reasons for bracelet repair are soldering a simple break, replacing a clasp, fixing a bracelet joint or link and adding a safety clasp or chain. Much like our chain repair, our jeweler will complete the repair so the break will be unnoticeable.

Stone Replacement: If you have missing or damaged stones, we will find a new stone that matches the exisiting stones in color, clarity, size and cut. If you have lost a stone, note that this is usually a sign that your jewelry needs maintenance. When setting the new stone, our jeweler will also repair prongs or channels to ensure the new stone is secured properly. At completion, you should not be able to see where the stone was replaced, and it will match flawlessly. 

Solder Rings Together: Soldering rings together can prevent spinning, loosening stones, and rubbing. *This option may not be the best choice for everyone, as you would have to always wear your rings as a set and would no longer be able to wear one separately. 

Jewelry Resoration: Our jeweler is able to restore most antique and vintage jewelry. Vintage jewelry may be worn out from years of wear and need to be brought back to wearable condition. We understand the sentimental value that heirloom jewelry can hold, and we strive to bring your jewelry back to life so it can be worn safely and be passed down for generations to come. Jewelry restoration may include prong retipping, head replacement, stone replacement, shank replacement and refinishing. 

Pearl Re-Stringing: Most pearls are strung on a thin strand of natural silk. Over time, silk can weaken, stretch, or even break, and your pearls will need to be re-strung. We string our pearls with a small knot in between each pearl, which helps prevent rubbing, allows more flexibility, helps them to lay flat, and ensures that if the strand breaks, you will not lose all your pearls. We make sure that a lot of care goes into restringing pearls, as they tend to be quite delicate and can damage easily. 

Jewelry Appraisals: Whether it is a new piece of jewelry or an item you have had for a while, having a jewelry appraisal helps you to know exactly what your jewelry is and its value. Our professionals examine and research many aspects of your jewelry to provide you with a detailed description of the item's quality and value, along with a photo for reference. 
Jewelry Cleaning and Inspection: This preventative measure can help to prevent stone loss, unrepairable damage and costly repairs in the future. We recommend having your jewelry inspected every six months. During your inspection, we will thoroughly inspect your jewelry under magnification for any issues that may require attention. If no immediate attention is required and all stones are secure, we will deep-clean your jewelry in our heated ultrasonic cleaner and finish with high pressure steaming, removing all dirt and bringing back the shine and brilliance of your piece. Inspections require no appointments and can be completed while you wait, provided no repairs are found to be necessary. Please allow 5-10 minutes per piece.

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